This Saturday: Local Tap Takeover!!


We are very stoked in anticipation of this Saturday's "local tap takeover" 

We've got kegs from Old Yale Brewing Co. just chillin' (good pun) in our cooler.  

We've got kegs from Chaos & Solace Brewing Co. waiting to be tapped and enjoyed. 

We are also having the Guerilla Q truck out again for some absolutely mouth watering eats!  

This is the first event we've had like this in our ongoing quest to bring the BEST craft beers to Chilliwack. Our Taphouse has been on a very unique labour of beer love and we will continue to seek out and bring our friends the very best beers our province and country have to offer. Our passion will not be duplicated or impersonated. 

Whether you are popping in on Saturday to try one of our custom creations (Craft-Tails, housemade ginger juice Moscow Mules, or any of our other fabulous refreshing cocktails) or a pint of delicious Craft Beer we think you'll definitely be impressed. 

Come and spend your Saturday with us enjoying some local fare and libations  



Introducing Craft Wine

A Flight of Fancy Grape Juice   

A Flight of Fancy Grape Juice  

We are tickled rosé (little wine humour) to announce our newest endeavour at Major League 2 Taphouse and Sports Pub...


It's been a true labour of love for all our staff. We even had an incredibly talented somalier come in to taste and talk to all front of house staff about our new wines.


We all learned so much that day, and we are all so pleased to be more educated and able to help our guests decide what they might like to sip on.


There are 8 new taps with wines ranging from Riesling to Malbec!


This new tap system has allowed us to have a bigger variety of wines available by the glass (5oz 8oz and 1/2 litre)


It will really open up our options and allow our guests to divert from the normal basic house wines. Of course we will still have our house Domaine De Chaberton (as it is a fantastic house wine!) and we will keep our Copper Moon also.

It will be great to have so many choices!


In addition we will be offering up a unique wooden custom made 9 oz flight paddle FOR WINES! What a fun way to discover a new fave or try ones you'd not normally go for. You get to choose three 3oz glasses. 


Of course to maintain our reputation of having the best happy hour in town, ALL the new wines will be available for happy hour!  (3pm-5pm daily)  with prices ranging from $4 to $6 for an 5oz glass


Stay tuned for our spiffy new wine lists and pop into the pub to try some fancy grape juice today! 



Here's a behind the scenes look at how we got the perfect shot of the wine paddle thanks to my cohort Jara Ross for helping me happy wines to you-xxJillian  

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than A Beer Caesar!

This weeks feature Craft-Tail is a  



This salty little baby is the perfect way to get your daily vegetable intake AND that very important vitamin V (vodka)  

it's built with a shot of premium vodka, a good healthy amount of tomato clam cocktail, a splash of sour briny pickle juice, spiced to perfection with tobasco and Worcestershire sauce. We shake it up and pour it into a Caesar-salt rimmed glass and top that off with some Lager and garnish that baby with a lime and a couple crunchy pickle slices! 

It's the perfect way to chase away a hangover, or just relish in that savoury satisfying sensation only a Caesar can give you! 

Any Tequila lovers out there?  it's great with a shot of gold Jose Cuervo instead of vodka... 



Hot Weather = Craft-Tails!



Now that the hot summer weather has finally arrived we are super excited to launch our craft beer cocktails! Or simply Craft-Tails 

these beauties have been a work in progress for the past year or so and I've finally narrowed it down to about 4 or 5  (I'll always be dabbling and inventing new ones though)  


I will be doing a feature Craft-Tail blog each week, but all these little babies will be available starting June 1st! 

Our first featured Craft-Tail is....  


we fill a mixing glass with ice, add a 1/2 oz of gin and a 1/2 oz of Soho Lychee Liqueur, a good sized splash of rio red grapefruit juice & a kiss of lychee nectar. Then we shake it up and top it with Driftwood Brewery's heavy hop hitter Fat Tug and garnish with a sprig of fresh basil. 

The combination of grapefruit juice and basil really brings out the hoppiness of the Tug, and the lychee gives it just that right amount of sweetness, this refreshing summer Craft-Tail will make even the most discerning tastebuds do back flips! 

Happy Patio Days Folks!  


xx Jillian  

Copper Mugs of Flavour


My name is Jillian, and I'm a Ginger-Holic"

I tried my first Moscow Mule about 10 years ago. A dear friend of mine by the name of Wilfred would bring in bottles of ginger beer to the pub and he would ask me to make him a "Moscow Mule" ice+vodka+ginger beer garnished with a lime wedge, I would oblige and he'd urge me to keep a bottle of ginger beer to take home and experiment. Well, that was a delightful discovery for me to say the least.

The cocktail was invented in 1941 by John G. Martin who worked for a spirits and food distributor based in Hartford, Connecticut, Sophie Berezinski of the Moscow Copper Co. and "Jack" Morgan, President of Cock 'n' Bull Products (which produced ginger beer) and the proprietor of the The Cock and Bull restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, which was popular with celebrities.

The drinks popularity took off from there making a few resurgences throughout the decades.

I've been searching the past 10 years for the "best ginger beer" some notable ones for me are the "Brew" brand (available at Save-On and Safeway) and the Phillips "Spark-mouth"

This past winter I decided to take to my kitchen (as I often do) and start dabbling and perfecting my own recipe to make my own high concentrated ginger potion and thus the "Jillian Watson (patent pending) ginger juice" was born!

I wanted to take it to the pub to add to our already existing "fizz" on the pop gun.

It has really taken off and everyone seems to enjoy the spicy refreshing tingling feeling they get when they hold that ice cold copper mug and sip it down.

This isn't your average "mule" This is hand crafted work of art made with the juice of pounds and pounds of fresh ground raw ginger, a few freshly squeezed limes, and a touch of home made simple syrup for a hint of added sweetness 

Variations include; Dark and Stormy-made with Spiced Rum and El Burro-made with Reposada Tequila.

Properties and health benefits of fresh ginger include: 1) natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic 2) lowers blood pressure, helps blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol 3) fights off viruses and it can help ease cramps and nausea 4) can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease 5) wards off gingivitis and other oral health ailments

Aside from all this, it is absolutely delicious and the spiciness and plethora of flavour will knock your socks off!


xx Jillian (bartender/decorator/promotions manager) 

Happy Mules To You!