August Patio Party: Old Yale Brewing Craft Beer Cask Night

beer box - major league 2

At Majors, we love craft beer! 

On August 27th, under the wonderful golden sun, Old Yale Brewing featured a one of a kind concoction that we at Major League 2 Taphouse and Sports Pub were lucky enough to hammer!

patio party - old yale brewery 2 - major league 2

A wheat ale with mango berry punch and coriander flowed from our tap for the first time as we continue to celebrate our relationship with this wonderful local brewery. 

As many of you know, and even if you don't we'll tell you, we have been tapping Old Yale kegs since, well, the beginning! We remember Sargent IPA very dearly and were very excited to be one of the first to sample this special craft beer blend.

tyler and old yale brewery - patio party - major league 2

Thanks to Old Yale Brewing! Make sure you come try a pint or sample it with a paddle of other craft beers before we empty the keg!

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