It Doesn't Get Any Better Than A Beer Caesar!

This weeks feature Craft-Tail is a  



This salty little baby is the perfect way to get your daily vegetable intake AND that very important vitamin V (vodka)  

it's built with a shot of premium vodka, a good healthy amount of tomato clam cocktail, a splash of sour briny pickle juice, spiced to perfection with tobasco and Worcestershire sauce. We shake it up and pour it into a Caesar-salt rimmed glass and top that off with some Lager and garnish that baby with a lime and a couple crunchy pickle slices! 

It's the perfect way to chase away a hangover, or just relish in that savoury satisfying sensation only a Caesar can give you! 

Any Tequila lovers out there?  it's great with a shot of gold Jose Cuervo instead of vodka...