Introducing Craft Wine

A Flight of Fancy Grape Juice   

A Flight of Fancy Grape Juice  

We are tickled rosé (little wine humour) to announce our newest endeavour at Major League 2 Taphouse and Sports Pub...


It's been a true labour of love for all our staff. We even had an incredibly talented somalier come in to taste and talk to all front of house staff about our new wines.


We all learned so much that day, and we are all so pleased to be more educated and able to help our guests decide what they might like to sip on.


There are 8 new taps with wines ranging from Riesling to Malbec!


This new tap system has allowed us to have a bigger variety of wines available by the glass (5oz 8oz and 1/2 litre)


It will really open up our options and allow our guests to divert from the normal basic house wines. Of course we will still have our house Domaine De Chaberton (as it is a fantastic house wine!) and we will keep our Copper Moon also.

It will be great to have so many choices!


In addition we will be offering up a unique wooden custom made 9 oz flight paddle FOR WINES! What a fun way to discover a new fave or try ones you'd not normally go for. You get to choose three 3oz glasses. 


Of course to maintain our reputation of having the best happy hour in town, ALL the new wines will be available for happy hour!  (3pm-5pm daily)  with prices ranging from $4 to $6 for an 5oz glass


Stay tuned for our spiffy new wine lists and pop into the pub to try some fancy grape juice today! 



Here's a behind the scenes look at how we got the perfect shot of the wine paddle thanks to my cohort Jara Ross for helping me happy wines to you-xxJillian