jill - bartender - major league 2

Being a bartender is probably one of the funnest jobs you could have!

It's a concoction made up of equal parts: drink making, referee, therapist, comedian, confidant, "good cop"/"bad cop", artist, friend, diplomat, encyclopedia, and just a pinch of cynicism added for flavour.

You also need to have the multitasking skills of an octopus!

Our pub has seen many changes over the years. I am happy to consider myself an O.G.; I love when people who I haven't seen in a while are impressed that I still remember what they drink after years and years. I have met so many amazing people, I've laughed at pretty much every dirty joke ever told, and I've likely heard the song Paradise City 9,843 times!

I love telling people why we are called Major League "2" - there used to be a Major League 1, it's now a townhouse development, but I remember when it was a huge loud booming bar!

"Number 2" was our quieter, more laid back spot. I am lucky to say I worked at both and I am so proud of all the hard work Tyler has put in, transforming our 10 tap pub into a 23 tap craft beer destination! He's probably blushing that I said such wonderful things about him but it's the truth!

I also love when people say to me "Wow! I haven't been here for a while and this place looks great!!" - I am also dabbling in the decor these days, too!

Our Friday nights have evolved from a quiet, after work wind-down/gathering spot to a full on, balls-to-the-wall party every week!

And I am privileged to be part of the BEST team of people! Our staff run like a well oiled machine, slinging in the pit with Matt, Jordan, and Tyler is the highlight of my week! When people ask me "What else do you do?" or "Whoa! you're STILL here?" I just smile and say "Why would I leave all this glamour and fun?"


xx Jillian, Bartender and O.G.
Major League 2 Taphouse and Sports Pub