Copper Mugs of Flavour


My name is Jillian, and I'm a Ginger-Holic"

I tried my first Moscow Mule about 10 years ago. A dear friend of mine by the name of Wilfred would bring in bottles of ginger beer to the pub and he would ask me to make him a "Moscow Mule" ice+vodka+ginger beer garnished with a lime wedge, I would oblige and he'd urge me to keep a bottle of ginger beer to take home and experiment. Well, that was a delightful discovery for me to say the least.

The cocktail was invented in 1941 by John G. Martin who worked for a spirits and food distributor based in Hartford, Connecticut, Sophie Berezinski of the Moscow Copper Co. and "Jack" Morgan, President of Cock 'n' Bull Products (which produced ginger beer) and the proprietor of the The Cock and Bull restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, which was popular with celebrities.

The drinks popularity took off from there making a few resurgences throughout the decades.

I've been searching the past 10 years for the "best ginger beer" some notable ones for me are the "Brew" brand (available at Save-On and Safeway) and the Phillips "Spark-mouth"

This past winter I decided to take to my kitchen (as I often do) and start dabbling and perfecting my own recipe to make my own high concentrated ginger potion and thus the "Jillian Watson (patent pending) ginger juice" was born!

I wanted to take it to the pub to add to our already existing "fizz" on the pop gun.

It has really taken off and everyone seems to enjoy the spicy refreshing tingling feeling they get when they hold that ice cold copper mug and sip it down.

This isn't your average "mule" This is hand crafted work of art made with the juice of pounds and pounds of fresh ground raw ginger, a few freshly squeezed limes, and a touch of home made simple syrup for a hint of added sweetness 

Variations include; Dark and Stormy-made with Spiced Rum and El Burro-made with Reposada Tequila.

Properties and health benefits of fresh ginger include: 1) natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic 2) lowers blood pressure, helps blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol 3) fights off viruses and it can help ease cramps and nausea 4) can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease 5) wards off gingivitis and other oral health ailments

Aside from all this, it is absolutely delicious and the spiciness and plethora of flavour will knock your socks off!


xx Jillian (bartender/decorator/promotions manager) 

Happy Mules To You!